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NZ Greenshell Mussel Powder & Oil

NZ Greenshell Mussel Powder is produced sustainably from New Zealand Government licenced areas from NZ Greenshell (Green Lipped) mussels (perna canaliculus). They are well-known to contain a complex range of naturally occurring bio-active compounds including some unique Omega-3 fatty acid fractions and have been proven to have effective anti-inflammatory properties without side effects.


Our unique supply of raw material and the manufacturing process ensures a much more pure form of powder with high bio-availability as we are able to break up the long chains of proteins to deliver peptides with a very low molecular weight. We offer both premium and lower grade options to suit different markets and label claims.

Dry Food New Zealand produces NZ Greenshell Mussel Oil extract rich in phospholipid fraction as well as the common triglyceride fraction. Research suggests that phospholipids are better absorbed into the body that other forms of oil making our  NZ Greenshell Mussel Oil extract the ideal oil source for soft gel encapsulation and other novel delivery vehicles where a therapeutic dose is required with the least amount of material.

Contact us to find out more about our NZ Greenshell Mussel Powder & Oil.

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