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Image by Kianakali

Honey Powders

Dry Food New Zealand offer a number of different New Zealand sourced honeys in the form of powder which can be used in formulations requiring a natural sweetener and in formulations where the natural benefits found in honey are required. Honey powder is a very convenient way of handling honey for a manufacturer as it can be used in premixed blends and delivered in a variety of applications.

New Zealand is well known for its Manuka honey made from the nectar bees collect from the flowers of the native mānuka bush (leptospermum scoparium). There is also a significant range of other naturally harvested honeys all with different health benefits such as Beechwood Honeydew, Borage, Pōhutukawa, Kanuka, and Clover Honeys.

Contact us to find out more about the Honey Powders we make.

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