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Image by Sneha Cecil

Fruit Powders & Concentrates

Dry Food New Zealand manufacture concentrates and powders extracted from superfruits grown in New Zealand, a non-GMO environment. We specialize in drying fruits and berries with high anthocyanins known to support a healthy auto-immune system as well as providing some well-researched health benefits. Our fruit powders and concentrates can contain up to 10 times the fruit weight for weight. 


As well as providing a broad range of health benefits and tasting good, many contain vitamins and flavonoids with functional properties and significant amounts.


Some of our commonly dried fruits and berries are Blackcurrant, Boysenberry, Kiwifruit, Cherry, and Blueberry. Our Fruit Powders and Concentrates are all New Zealand grown, non-GMO, sustainability grown, and non-irradiated fruit. We can provide specialist drying such as organic fruits by request.

Contact us to find out more about the powers and concentrates we make.

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